5K Celebration

Confidence through

Each season comes to an end with a celebratory 5K. This closing event gives program participants of all abilities a tangible sense of accomplishment. Crossing the finish line instills confidence through completion and is a joyful moment program participants always remember! Everyone in our program receives a commemorative medal to celebrate this incredible achievement.

5K Celebration

Confidence through

5K Event Details

GOTR Spring 5K Fun Run (untimed)
Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Celebration Village: Where the fun begins!

Westfield Montgomery Mall, 7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda MD 20817. NORTHWEST parking lot at the corner of Westlake Dr. and Westlake Terrace, adjacent to The Cheesecake Factory. (Enter the mall off Democracy Blvd as road closures/delays will be in effect on Westlake Dr & Terrace)


7:15 AM- Packet pickup opens

8:00 AM- Participant arrival time

8:30 AM- Packet pickup closes

9:00 AM- Start of the Girls on the Run 5K 

5K start line will close at 9:15 AM  Late starts will not be permitted due to county permits and time restraints. 5K course will close to all runners at 10:30am. 



Note: Guaranteed deadline for a team coach to pick up a buddy runner bib is Sunday,  May 5 @ 11:59pm. Buddy runners who register on or after Monday, May 6th must head to packet pickup the morning of the 5K. Please have your proof of registration ready and expect long lines. All runners must have a 5K bib in order to particpate.

5K buddy runner registration closes on Thursday, May 16. NO 5K DAY REGISTRATION!

Registration Type Dates Pricing 
Early bird pricing & guaranteed runner giveaway April 1st-15th


Standard pricing & coach pickup deadline April 16th-May 5th $45
Late pricing

May 6th-16th (last day to register! Registration closes @ noon)


Packet Pickup (at the 5K) 

Sunday, May 19th

No 5K Day Registration


NOTE: Program participants and coaches have already been registered for the 5K and DO NOT need to register.

Celebration Village is where all the fun begins and ends! Look for the giant inflatable arch which marks the start/finish line. You can also find the 5K packet pickup, Sponsor tents, the volunteer tent, dancing, warmups, a giant coloring mural and Girls on the Run merchandise for sale. For the safety of all, there is no participant drop off so please park and walk over to Celebration Village. 

Avoid Westlake Dr. and Westlake Terrace as rolling road closures and one lane traffic delays will take effect beginning at 8:00 am. Cars will not be able to enter the mall off Westlake Terrace. We highly recommend cars enter the mall property off Democracy Blvd and park in the following areas: 

  • Purple bib: Nordstrom Garage and open/outdoor parking lot in front of Nordstrom. Enter the mall off Democracy Blvd and turn right.

  • Green bib: Nordstrom/Macy’s surface parking lot. Enter the mall of Democracy Blvd and turn right or left.

  • Pink bib: AMC theater/Food court parking garage/outdoor parking. Enter the mall of Democracy Blvd and turn left. 

Parking at Home Depot Plaza and Westlake Crossing (Corner Bakery) is prohibited. Towing will be enforced. 

5K Information

The Girls on the Run 5K (3.1 miles) end of season non-competitive and untimed event will start and finish in Celebration Village ocated in the northwest parking lot of the mall, adjacent to The Cheesecake factory. We ask participants to arrive between 8-8:15am and join their team in Celebration Village. 

All GOTR and Heart & Sole teams will be able to warm up and start the 5K together. The color and number on your 5K bib is also your team’s meet up location and "wave". Just look for the colored flag with the same number as your bib and locate your team. Please keep in mind there will be other teams with the same color/number combination.  When your "wave" is called to the start,  please walk towards the inflatable arch in an orderly fashion. Wave lists can be found HERE.  

The 5K will begin promptly at 9:00 am. The start line will close to all runners at 9:15 am so please do not be late. The course closes at 10:30 am sharp. Any runners still out on the course should move to the sidewalk to complete the 5K, adhering to road rules. 

The Course

Our 5K course will start and end in Celebration Village located in the northwest parking lot at the corner of Westlake Dr. and Westlake Terrace adjacent to The Cheesecake Factory. 

The course will exit the parking lot turning right onto Westlake Dr. making an immediate right hand turn onto Weslake Terrace.  Continuing along the road for approximately 3/4 mile, turning left onto Democracy and left onto Rockledge. Course water station is located across the street from Walter Johnson High School. Runners will continue along the rolling hills of the industrial park before returning back to the mall to complete the 5K. There are no first aid stations on the course however if a runner requires first aid/medical attention, please seek assistance from one of our many course marshals wearing a GOTR orange vest or a safety runner wearing a GOTR pink vest. If you separate from your GOTR participant during the run, plan to meet back at your team's meeting area or at the family reunion area located in front of the stage.

Post 5K Food, Recycling and Composting 

Bananas, bars and water in cups will be available for runners who have completed the 5K. Please help us by using the compost receptacles provided to compost banana peels and the provided water cups at one of the three recycling stations. We kindly ask that you limit the waste you bring to the 5K and that you recycle or compost.  

Road Closures

For a stress free morning, please avoid Westlake Dr. and Westlake Terrace and enter the mall property off Democracy Blvd. 

  • Rolling county road closures will begin at 8:00am and will be in effect until the last runners have safely completed the course.    
  • North/South lanes on Westlake Dr. between Lakeview Dr.and Westlake Terrace will be affected. One lane will remain open for traffic and will be directed by police.
  • Westbound lanes on Westlake Terrace/Fernwood between Westlake Dr and Democracy will be closed including eastbound lanes beginning on Fernwood between Rockledge Dr. and Democracy. One lane will remain open on Westlake Terrace for westbound traffic beginning at Rockledge Dr and will be directed by police. 
  • North/southbound lanes on Rock Spring Dr, will remain closed throughout the duration of the 5K. Police will assist residents of Montgomery Row exit at Breuer St. turning left onto southbound lane heading towards Westlake Terrace.
  • Northbound lanes on Rockledge Dr. between Fernwood and Rockledge Dr will be closed.

    To avoid traffic delays and road closures, please attempt to stay off the affected roads between 8:00am and 10:30am.  Thank you for your patience.

Please refer to the 5K course map and Celebration Village map for additional information. 




Volunteers help ensure our end of season 5K celebration is possible. Volunteer registration will open on Monday, April 1 or fill out our 5K interest form and let us know how you can help!

5K Buddy Runner Registration:

Registration will open on Monday, April 1 and close on Thursday, May 16 at noon. There will be no buddy runner registration after this date including at the 5K. 

5K bibs for Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole participants will be distributed the week of the event by their coaches. Make sure to ask your girl if she received her bib or check the bottom of her backpack!    5K buddy runners who register on or before May 5 @ 11:59 pm and selected a GOTR participant will have their 5K bib sent home with the participant the week prior to the event. Buddy runners who missed the May 5th deadline and registered on or after May 6 must head to packet pick the morning of the 5K between 7:15 am-8:30 am. Be sure to arrive early as lines will be long.  Please have your proof of registration available.  Bibs are required for all runners at the 5K. NO 5K DAY REGISTRATION

Adult 5K participant smiles while running outdoors through the city


The course for a 5K is 3.1 miles. As a reminder, this is a fun, celebratory event for our participants and not a competitive race. While our fastest 5K participants will complete the course in 25 minutes, most cross the finish line in 30-50 minutes. Everyone who participates is encouraged to walk, roll, push, run or skip at their happy pace!

For safety reasons, every girl in the program needs a buddy runner at least 16 year old or older to be responsible for her at the 5K. This does not need to be her parent/guardian - it can be a coach, teacher, relative or family friend! Adults can be running buddies to multiple girls (for example, one teacher can be paired with a group of three girls on a team that will be participating together.)

Always best to make a plan with your child ahead of time. If you get lost during the 5K, we encourage all runners to finish the run and meet up at your team meeting area. If you cannot locate your child, head to the stage/family reunion area for announcements.

First, we understand that life happens, and circumstance might make it impossible to attend.


We strongly encourage that all participants attend and complete the 5K, as it is the goal that teams are preparing for all season long! It’s the ultimate opportunity to build confidence through accomplishment. Remember, this is the first 5K event for many – including coaches, participants, friends and family members. We are in it together!

For safety reasons, every participant must wear a race bib (provided by the council) which has your emergency information listed.

Our council has a safety plan in place, which trains staff and volunteers on how to respond during an emergency or incident.  Most important, all volunteers and participants should be aware that if they “see something, say something.”

Yes. Girls on the Run 5K events are for everyone! All participants can walk, run, push or roll safely and at their own happy pace. Please contact Leanne Till to make arrangements.   leanne@girlsontherunofmoco.org.  

Yes! This is encouraged! This is a great way to accomplish a goal together. 

Yes! Family, friends and community members outside of our program can participate in the event, but must register.

Yes. All 5K registration forms include liability waivers that must be signed by the individual that is registering for the race. All waivers must be signed by a parent if the runner is under the age of 18.

Yes! Our council is selling merchandise to support our program! Be sure to look for our merchandise booth/tent to commemorate this memorable event.  

Celebration Village is where all the fun starts and ends. The location is the Westfield Montgomery Mall in the NORTHWEST parking lot at the corner of Westlake Dr. and Terrace.  Your bib will have all the information you need to locate your team.  The color and number on your bib will correspond with the color and number on a feather flag located in Celebration Village ie. if the color/# of your bib is purple 3, head to the #3 purple flag and search for your team! There will be numerous teams sharing this information so don't be discouraged if you cannot find them immediately. Keep looking! 

Buddy runner registration will close on the Thursday prior to the 5K in order to prepare for the event.  Unfortunately, there is no 5K day registration. Contact leanne@girlsontherunofmoco.org for more information.

Unfortunately, we must close the start/finish line at 9:15 am in order to comply with our permit and make sure we end the 5K on time. All runners need to be off the roads by 10:30am no exceptions. If you wish to walk the course with your buddy runner along the sidewalk, obeying the street signs and traffic lights you can do so however please note that we cannot be responsible for any misfortunes that may arise. Thank you for your understanding.

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