Girls on the Run of Montgomery County (GOTR-MoCo) is turning 10 this month and we have a lot to celebrate. In the past ten years, GOTR-MoCo has served 25,000 girls in our program. We are proud to say that those girls have the tools to navigate their teenage years with confidence, competence, character, caring, connection, and an enhanced commitment to community. We are preparing an entire generation of girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. In addition, we have instilled the importance of physical fitness as an important part of overall wellness.  


We could have never imagined our growth when the program first began. In March of 2007, our spring season was in just 8 schools with 89 girls. Next week, we will begin our spring season in over 120 schools with 2,500 girls. 25% of our parents request financial aid in order for their daughter to participate.  That’s over 6,000 girls in the past ten years. GOTR-MoCo has answered those requests with nearly a million dollars in financial aid for girls that would not have been able to participate otherwise.  Because of the support of our community, we have never had to turn away a family that requested financial aid.


Some startling statistics make it clear that we need to reach even more girls and families with our message.

·      In 2007, Maryland was ranked 15th in the nation for girls’ overall well-being. Today, Maryland is 27th.

·      In 2007, 13% of Maryland girls ages 12-17 were not involved in any community service or volunteer work. Today that number is 19%.

·       In 2007 16% of girls ages 6-17 did not participate in any organized activities. Today that number is 17%.

·       In 2007, 17% of Maryland girls watched TV or played video games more than 3 hours per day. Today that number is an astonishing 23%.

·      In the state of Maryland, 28% of girls ages 10-17 are overweight or obese and 46% of girls ages 6-17 exercise less than 4 days per week. Both of these statistics are significant increases since 2007.


Girls on the Run is very much aware of the importance that the Montgomery County community has played in our success. We are so grateful for each and every volunteer, donor, partner, and supporter. While we have been overwhelmed by the commitment our community has to this program, there is more to do and we need your help. Please consider a $10 gift for our 10th Anniversary and help us reach our goal of serving 300 more underserved girls this year. Click here to Empower a Girl.


Our board, junior board, and staff are committed to ensuring that in the next ten years, we can serve even more girls in order to change those statistics. We are dedicated to making sure every girl realizes her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. 


The FINISH LINE is just the beginning. 

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